The Survey was developed in conjunction with an invited audience of over 500 procurement, supply chain & finance leaders and their teams.

Although the survey was cross-border, covering the UK, Europe and US, the results in different regions were almost identical, as such the report covers all countries and Insights learned to help shape future recruitment and workforce planning in 2020/21. A further survey will be run through Q4 2020, to track developments and innovations through this period.

The purpose of the survey was to assess recruitment confidence, changes of behaviours & interviewing processes during the pandemic and support organisations to develop strategies to respond to any future periods of lockdown.

Some of the Highlights

Insight) Has the need for greater support during the online screening process changed its use? The answer is, significantly. Only 15% of the surveyed audience used online assessment prior to the pandemic.

• Over 37% of companies surveyed use, or trialled online functional skills assessment during the pandemic
• Over 70% use, or are considering using capability assessment to support stakeholders during the interview process
• Only 29% would not use online assessment techniques

Insight) Although a majority of companies did not recruit, there are some surprisingly positive results.

45% of businesses recruited ‘permanent’ staff for their procurement & supply chain teams during lockdown, or plan to in the coming months.
25% of employers either worked with Interim resource to plug skill gaps and increase capacity, or are considering this option to deliver future business projects.
• Over 20% of surveyed organisations are working with external procurement & supply chain consulting organisations, or will consider this option for future projects during the pandemic.




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