Procurement Capability Assessment 
Elevate Your Procurement Effectiveness Quickly

Our cost effective Procurement Capability Assessment Tool is a self-diagnostic, questionnaire-based online toolkit designed to enhance the procurement effectiveness of both organisations and individuals.  

Ideal for organisational design, training, personal and team development and recruitment selection, this toolkit marries purchasing expertise with psychometric testing methodologies to deliver a statistically reliable and accurate evaluation assessment. 

Key Features: 
  • Identify your team's strengths and areas for development. 
  • Supports world-class procurement processes & benchmarking. 
  • Evaluate candidates in a recruitment process. 

Central to the toolkit are twenty critical elements identified in the procurement activities of world-class organisations.

Understanding Procurement Capability 

Procurement capability encompasses the skills, experience and ability required to manage procurement tasks effectively within a business. 

The Importance of Assessing Procurement Capability 

By measuring procurement capability, you can pinpoint the ideal candidates during recruitment, or identify development opportunities within your existing team. This assessment is crucial for achieving best-practice standards or world-class procurement excellence or support any transformation program. 

Our Assessment Process 

Our tools assess the core twenty elements integral to the procurement processes of leading organisations. Available for individuals or groups, the assessment is a straightforward online procedure taking about 45 minutes, supported by comprehensive guidance to ensure ease of understanding and implementation. 

Benefits of the Procurement Capability Assessment Tool: 
  • Chart individual or team experiences. 
  • Uncover specific training needs. 
  • Essential for both personal and team development plans. 
  • Enhance the recruitment process. 
  • Foster increased staff retention. 
  • Promote improved well-being through targeted personal development. 
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