Our procurement capability assessment is a self-diagnostic questionnaire-based toolkit, which helps organisations and individuals assess and improve their procurement effectiveness in a fast, cost effective manner and can be used to support organisational design, training and development and recruitment.

The toolkit combines the best of purchasing experiences with methodologies used in psychometric testing to produce a tool which is statistically reliable and more accurate than many traditional techniques.

  • Assess strengths & weaknesses of your team
  • Signpost how to achieve world-class processes
  • Test knowledge and experience of candidates

At the heart of the profile are 20 elements present in the purchasing activities of world class organisations, each supported by a set of positive and negative indicators. These help organisations and individuals identify the extent to which each is present in their current procurement processes.

What is procurement capability?

Procurement capability is a combination of skills, experience and ability to manage the required procurement tasks within a business.

Why assess procurement capability?

Assessing procurement capability enables you identify strong candidates during the recruitment process, identify areas for improvement in your current workforce, and the steps required to achieve best-practice procurement processes.

How do we assess procurement capability?

Our procurement capability assessment examines 20 core elements present in the procurement processes of world-leading organisations:

  1. Performance Management
  2. Strategy Development
  3. Price Management
  4. Purchasing Scope
  5. Systems & Information
  6. Supply Management Research
  7. Supplier Recruitment
  8. Competence Development
  9. Cost Management
  10. Demand Planning
  11. Negotiation Planning
  12. Purchasing Aggregation
  13. Purchasing Procedures
  14. Stock Management
  15. Purchasing Horizons
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