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Join our Interim Associates Program 

Unlock Exclusive Opportunities as a ProSearch Accredited Interim 

ProSearch collaborates with a handpicked team of Interim Associates, offering them unparalleled opportunities to work on consulting projects with our clients.

As an accredited Associate, you’ll gain preferred access to Interim contracts and enjoy the flexibility of contributing to solo Interim and team consulting projects.  

Benefit from leveraging our resources for your client projects, enhancing your support network and expanding your reach. 

Benefits for Accredited Interim Associates: 
  • Priority access to consulting project opportunities. 
  • Access to a personal ‘Availability’ system, which shows your personal work diary, so we can guide you into projects at the right time. 
  • Recruitment support for your own Interim client projects if you need additional resource. 
  • Inclusion in our Interim Associate community with invitations to future events. 
  • Tools and support to navigate IR35 challenges effectively. 
  • Financial rewards via the ProSearch referral program. 
Steps to Become a ProSearch Accredited Interim Associate Program: 
  1. Online Registration: Complete your profile.
  2. Showcase Your Expertise: Upload client testimonials or references.
  3. Keep Your Profile Fresh: Regularly update your achievements and references.
  4. Interview: Participate in a registration interview with a ProSearch Partner. 
  5. Availability Diary: Maintain your availability, updated monthly. 
  6. Community Engagement: Participate in our social and LinkedIn community posts to enhance your visibility. 
  7. Stay Informed: Follow ProSearch on LinkedIn for the latest news and events. 

Once accredited, your status will be confidentially shared with our team, opening doors to suitable group projects and giving you the edge in securing interim roles. 

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