The Purchasing Profile is a self-diagnostic questionnaire-based toolkit, which helps organisations assess & improve their purchasing effectiveness in a fast, cost effective manner and used to support organisational design and prioritise team, or personal training & development.

The Profile can also be used to support procurement and functional stakeholders during the recruitment process.

The toolkit combines the best of purchasing experiences with methodologies used in psychometric testing to produce a tool which is statistically reliable and more accurate than many traditional techniques.

Training & Personal Development planning

  • Assess organisational working practices and training priorities
  • Understand the strengths & weaknesses of your team
  • Signpost how to achieve best-in-class processes

Recruitment & Assessment support

  • Test knowledge and experience of candidates during the interview process
  • Supports development of competency based questions prior to online interviews

At the heart of the profile are 20 elements present in the purchasing & supply chain activities of best-in-class organisations, each supported by a set of positive and negative indicators. These help organisations and individuals identify the extent to which each is present in their current procurement processes.

Central to the process is the completion of two questionnaires:

1. The Aspiration Workbook.
A facilitative tool used by a manager or stakeholder group to agree the level of competency required for each of the 20 elements

2. The Purchasing Profile Questionnaire.
Completed online, the individual responses collectively provide the profile of the organisation’s purchasing capability.

The profile, based on the collective responses, can then be mapped on to the aspiration to identify possible gaps. This helps target development budgets on specific high priority issues, rather than spreading it thinly over all areas.

The Purchasing Profile does not require a large amount of management time and does not result in large cumbersome reports and is priced from £75 per report, or free if used as part of a ProSearch recruitment campaign.

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