Understandably many had to move to remote working in recent years. There is now a view that hybrid working practices are here to stay.

Over 30% of respondents to the ProSearch ‘Future of Work’ survey already worked in a hybrid office/flexible way prior to covid, with a further 15% working entirely remotely, which reflects the agile and global nature of procurement & supply chain functions, with the need to work flexibly to visit suppliers and supply chain partners.

However, the hybrid model has gradually increased over the last 2 years with over 20% now working fully remote (from 15%), which created the opportunity for more efficient ways of working. This has developed good and bad habits, however has shown some companies the benefits, if you develop the right support, tools and most importantly have the right people.


The key takeaway from the results is that although challenging, if you have the right people it can allow for an increase in personal productivity. With the reduction of unnecessary travel, less commuting, and increased access and use of online data systems and video communication tools. In total, nearly 88% felt that productivity improved or did not change with the transition from full office working to hybrid, which also shows the resilience of these functional teams.

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